Lighthouse Weston – Closing Report 2018

Saturday, 20 October 2018 07:34


The last twelve months have been a significant period for Lighthouse as following a strategic review the Trustees felt that after over seven very successful years the charity had served its purpose.

The Weston Foodbank which was born out of Lighthouse had become over 60% of the charity’s expenditure and activity and it was felt to be appropriate to encourage new homes for the remaining projects to ensure their continued growth.

King’s Table has moved to the Victoria Methodist Church and renamed Victoria’s Kitchen with set up funds provided by Lighthouse.

Finally the three projects centred on St. Paul’s Church, Vision4skills, Conversational English and the Lighthouse Choir have been integrated back into the church management function.

We are very grateful to those two bodies who have embraced the projects and have been able to provide both management and direction.

The charity will now be wound up and any remaining funds distributed amongst the former projects. We are very grateful for the support provided by our volunteers, benefactors and managers that have enabled the projects to grow and continue to provide for the needy of our town.

Denys Rayner