Our Ethos...

is very much to serve the church community and to seek to oil the wheels of unity and gladness.

From time to time, we are called upon to pioneer and co-ordinate initiatives or to make responses to the media on behalf of the Christian Church in the town and district. But we are not a head office!

Our emblem is the unifying badge that connects us all as the united churches of Weston & District.

We aim to be the connecting link that forges the strong bond of collaboration between the churches.

CTWD also aims to excite, to mobilise, to raise awareness of all the GOOD things that are happening - and to present to the town the voice of the local church without walls!

What do we do?

Our primary tasks from our constitution are to encourage the church to combine for Christian fellowship, witness and social action.

We organise joint worship events at Easter, Christmas and occasionally at other festivals. We hold an outdoor service of prayer and blessings for the town each year, at Uphill, organised with LOVE WESTON.

We are always ready to respond together such as during the Ukraine crisis, with regular vigils / prayer gatherings.


Local CTWD churches are regularly running joint outreach events. From praying one-to-one on the streets and in local coffee shops to large youth events, concerts and missions.

Social Action   

CTWD churches have spearheaded a number of community projects addressing identified social needs including the Foodbank, Somewhere to Go, CAP, Street Pastors and more recently, the Night Assessment Centre.

We interface with local government by nominating representatives to sit in on significant North Somerset Council meetings and to report back and liaise on our behalf.

Keeping Connected

We aim to keep everyone connected on a day-to-day basis through our website, social media channels and an annual CTWD Report/Handbook.

Get involved!

There are lots of ways you can get involved with CTWD and our many partner projects.

It may be through volunteering, signing up for newsletters, joining the prayer teams or supporting with goods, will bequests or donations.

Please contact our partner organisations and churches direct using the links on the website or if you want to get involved more directly with CTWD, please email us through our online contact form here.

We look forward to hearing from you!