Transend Skate Park – 2018 Report

Saturday, 20 October 2018 07:33


For some time a group from Holy Trinity Church had been borrowing an unused mobile skatepark led by Andy Skyrme taking it to Soul Survivor and New Wine with a vision of making it available to all Weston Skaters. In 2017 the team had the opportunity to buy the skatepark which then led to a small group of Christians from 3 different churches, all sharing a similar vision, meet up in November 2017.

The vision was to have a permanent indoor skatepark and youth hub, skateboard centre of excellence for Olympic hopefuls in Weston. We held our first meeting, named and set a date for Transend skatepark at the Tropicana. With a plan to hopefully do a few throughout the year to raise funds and become known, still with prayer for the permanent vision. We had already made contact with the skater youth in Weston village on detached youth work from LCC over the previous year. They had expressed a like for an indoor skatepark and would love to raise funds and help.

February’s Transend was a wonderful start we welcomed over 650 children onto the skatepark and also many parents and other adults who came with their children or to view what was happening. The lords presence was so apparent all week in the Tropicana it was a wonderful environment to be in. The skaters had an amazing time with a team of skaters available to help and coach them. We also added a free craft area, making it all a very welcoming environment.

In May, Transend popped up again in the Tropicana for the whole week. It was slightly quieter but God was still with us and the Transend team bonding became stronger. The public still feeling gods presence, and thankful for Transend Skatepark.

We are yet to meet and plan Transend 3, we also welcome more churches to join us on this journey with God for the children and youth of Weston-super-Mare. We have so much ongoing also, with a team from HT and Transend young volunteer skaters taking their skills to local skateparks and competitions along with another team from LCC who have started a satellite club at the campus skatepark followed by a leadership training hub funded by WESPORT and the Campus, that will run for 20 weeks a year for 2 years.

It has been attended well so far and along with one of our team recently qualified in level 1 in skateboard coaching skills, membership to skateboard England and our leadership training hub is well attended with Christian and non Christian youth, after the skateclub, at LCC.

We continue to pray for Gods guidance and wisdom for Transend, the team and especially the children, youth and families who attend.

For any information on all that is happening with Transend and Skateclub or if you would like to support financially, prayfully or if you have a venue where you could host a skatepark event (hard floor, no pews & high ceiling?) please contact Cathy Bond LCC or James Wigmore HT.