Church Life During the Coronavirus Situation

Tuesday, 15 December 2020 07:03

The situation in Weston and District, like most areas, has been quite fluid.  CTWD have attempted to collate central lists of which churches are open, and which are offering online services… but the information is changing extremely quickly and is fast becoming out of date. 

If you are wanting to find out what services are taking place we would suggest that you use our Churches Listings to check with local churches websites and social media channels for their latest posts.

A number of churches are involved in initiatives to reach out to people in need at this time. 

The Baptist Union of Scotland have shared that Dave Lazonby has produced an excellent Spiritual Self-Isolation Kit.  It’s a 14 day guide to self-isolating with Jesus.  Ideal for anyone who has symptoms… or indeed anyone who doesn’t.

Churches across England were permitted to open for services from 4 July.  After a second month of lockdown, many have re-opened.

summary of the guidance is available on the CTE website.

The government’s guidelines are also available online.

CTE have also published additional advice for Single Congregation LEPs and shared buildings and have gathered together perspectives from many of our Member Churches on how the coronavirus pandemic has affected them and their congregations.

If you are looking for guidance, resources or inspiration for your church during this difficult time, then visit the Coronavirus Hub at